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Fin del Mundo by Nicolás Janowski - 0
Fin del Mundo by Nicolás Janowski - 1
Fin del Mundo by Nicolás Janowski
35 EUR

Chaco Books
Madrid, Spain
Images : Nicolas Janowski
Text : Luis de Lasa
Book Concept & Design: Verónica Fieiras & Martín Bollati
Soft cover
Paper :Munken Lynx 120 gr - Translucent de 100 gr
120p. 165x240 mm

In 1520, a fleet of four vessels sailing from Spain reach the Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego. Between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, the island was successively occupied. The spread of diseases brought by white men -to which they had no natural immunity-, professional assassins hired by landowners, as well as hunger and malnutrition, gradually wiped out the island’s inhabitants. By the beginning of the twentieth century, only 200 of them remained alive with only one surviving to the present day. Nicolás Janowski recreates the historical imagery associated with Tierra del Fuego as a boundary-place, the last frontier of civilization anchored at the southern end of the habitable land. The phrases in this book are fragments from various ship’s logs written on board of european expeditions that traveled through Tierra del Fuego between 1520 and 1834.