That sea really do exist by Sun Bai



Les éditions du soleil d’hiver
Lille, France & Brussels, Belgium
Soft cover
Inkjet print
30p. 145×105 mm

5 euros

Somewhere between science-fiction and sunday stroll.

Soleil d’hiver is a collective of three artists based in Brussels (Belgium) and Lille (France), Colombe Le Reste, Sun Bai and Lucas Burtin.

Colombe Le Reste’s work focuses on how we view everyday life, its details and its banality. She questions the perception of the common landscape through photography, writing and drawing.Sun Bai seeks for an intimate narative space in her work. She presents a gentle melancholy and an amused sadness in her illustrated short stories on subjects relating to everyday life.

Lucas Burtin is in search of narratives that are always anchored in a reality that leads us into another. Also turning around different mediums.


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